Renu Mann

Assistant Professor
Engineering Physics

M.Sc. Physics, Nagpur University 1986 B.Ed. (Gold Medalist), Nagpur University 1987


Teaching Experience: 26 Years

Travelling down memory lane, we come across myriad personalities who inspire us the most and we get fascinated by their teaching, their knowledge and their presentation. I too reminiscence about two teachers in my college days, Dr. Sunderajan, my Mathematics Professor and Prof. Puvthingal, my Physics Professor, who have molded and shaped my life. I always have a desire to be a teacher like them. Their ways of teaching and learning continue to influence me in my journey of being a teacher.

I chose to be a teacher because teaching is not just a profession, it is a mission. When I started my life of teaching, I got connected with Physics. It is a powerful subject as it brings us very close to the universe and makes you believe that there is a very strong invisible energy, which is controlling us. There are many secrets and mysteries in this universe. The more we understand this subject, the more we become involved and fascinated to the extent that it makes us intrigued and scared about certain unknown facets of life.

Monotony never sets into this profession as every year I teach a new set of students. Each student is an individual who needs to be dealt in a way which is never the same. Each day unfolds a new learning experience for me. So there's no juncture in my life when I can claim that I have reached my zenith. I am still learning and I would continue to learn in the eternal rendezvous with students. The love and affection, the respect that students shower on a teacher who is able to inspire them far surpasses the joy that wealth can bestow.

Today after nearly three decades in this profession, each day I wake up with a hope that I can be elevated to the higher levels of awareness because each day brings with it a set of new challenges and new situations to be tackled.

Teaching in VIT offered me maximum scope for my creativity to flourish. Innovation and experimentation, exploring unchartered territories by way of new teaching methodologies, gave me a great sense of an intoxicating power and a life of happiness. I got an opportunity to work in diversified areas like lab development, content generation, Admission Committee, Cultural Committee and Food and Beverages Committee.

To reinforce the teaching learning strategies for the millennial generation, I would suggest to the student community to inculcate a positive attitude towards studies, be passionate about the chosen course, develop an ability to think and work independently, to persevere and complete tasks and to work well in a group with an inquiring mind and fierce will power.