Rugved Deolekar

Assistant Professor
Computer Engineering

M.E. (Comp), University of Mumbai 2012
B.E.(Comp), University of Mumbai 2004


Teaching Experience: 16 Years
Technical papers Published: 26
Masters Students Guided: 6

Born in an orthodox family, I recall the first discipline that was taught to us during childhood was related to one important philosophy of life, that is, to maintain a work balance between academics and extra-curricular activities as both need to go hand-in-hand in a coordinated manner. Adherence to this belief saw me earn various laurels during my school and college days. A specific mention of my college life ending on a very special note with my class getting awarded the ‘Best Class of the year’ and me receiving the ‘Best Student of the year’ award is very nostalgic as this is one milestone which has always inspired me to take-up any challenge with a sporting spirit.

Vidyalankar Institute of Technology was the third institute I joined during my professional career. Even though I have memorable accounts from the earlier institutes where I worked in the same domain, the best thing I appreciate in VIT is its facilitation to both the students and teachers to embrace new things and technology. While maintaining the classroom decorum, we always try to make our sessions application oriented as Computer Engineering discipline is not only about theory – but how to apply the same to the benefits of the society. Since the time I started teaching subjects like C, C++ and Java Programming Languages, I have been pressing hard on my students to ensure complete clarity on the topics while thriving for a good command over the fundamentals and intricacies of the subjects I teach. “Teachers learn better while teaching” is an apt adage in this context. Under my guidance, the student projects have paved the way towards research ideas for technical papers which are successfully presented in International Conferences. Adapting to new technologies and innovative styles of teaching has always been a major challenge for the education sector, although we at VIT have successfully countered by adapting to the varied ICT options.

Apart from all the academics, I also enjoyed the co-curricular opportunities as the Convenor of the Cultural Council of the institute for three years. I have always been a person with principles and my students often relate me with my slogan “Force works more than willingness”. My belief in “Once my student is always my student” has aided in maintaining a healthy relationship with the college Alumni. In this era of technology, while one can think of supplementing the teaching learning process with newer methods, the warmth and love of a teacher is irreplaceable and will remain forever in our hearts.

One of my main hobbies where I am struggling to do justice is to travel to each and every part of our country to enjoy the multifaced cultural variances. Some of the other hobbies where I have been lucky enough to enjoy to my fullest include cooking, reading books and watching good movies and dramas.