Sachin Deshpande

Associate Professor
Computer Engineering

M.E. (Computer Engineering), Marathwada University 2001
B.E. (Computer Engineering), Marathwada University 1990


Teaching : 30 Years
Administrative and Managerial :10 Years
Technical Papers Published: 20 plus
Books Authored: 2
Masters Students Guided: 15 plus

Recollecting my childhood memories, the days at school with caring and strict teachers, the love and selfless affection of Mother, fun squabbles with siblings and the indoor-outdoor games are the first things that come to my mind. Each of these activities induced in me a very high level of discipline, team spirit, healthy competition and the passion towards excellence. My Father was a Doctor and a member of the paramilitary force Home Guard. His Association with Ayurveda Medical College as a professor paved the way of my interest in teaching when I got a first-hand experience of teaching and mentoring as a kid. It was a real pleasure to see the selfless joy of teaching in my father during my childhood days.

When I graduated in Computer Engineering, I realized that it wasn’t the shortage of resources but a passion to address the problem, which leads to success and satisfaction. “If you Love to Teach, you Love to Learn” is an adage to follow and as a witness to the transformations happening in every aspect of Teaching Learning Process in last three decades, I think the passion to learn new things is the best way to inspire the students, engage them and support them in their aspirations. I enjoy teaching courses in variety of domains like Microprocessors, Computer Networks, Databases, Programming Languages, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence amongst others. “Teach them the way they learn” is a principle I follow in life.

Being with Students, during their project work, guiding them using my experience and learning from them about new tools is truly an enjoyable experience for me. Some of my students’ projects got transformed into products and have secured top positions in various technical Project competitions like Viola which later on evolved into VLive portal and have served the needs of all stake holders very effectively.

I was heading the Department for almost 10 years and with the support of department team and student synergy, I could embark on initiatives like launching a CSI Student Branch, Institutional Network Infrastructure, Paper Publications, organizing TEDxVIT and collaboration with the CyberFrat community and Oracle Corporation.At Mumbai University level, as a former Board of Studies Member for two successions, I have contributed in Syllabus Revision and introducing new Curriculum for Computer Engineering Branch.

“Gauge the Teacher’s Success by their Student’s Success“ is what I say when I look at my students and their career enhancements, pursuance for Masters and Doctoral Programs in reputed Universities, their prominent positions in the Industry and their contribution for societal cause brings gratification to me. Technology, much like life, does not stop for anyone. Hence, as a teacher, it is my responsibility to keep up with it as much as possible which in turn helps me provide a more relevant way of teaching a wide variety of topics to my students.

I am also a part of a local afforestation group where we plant trees on the weekends. As a part of the tech clan, we need to understand development comes at a price, the price here - is the environment, it is our duty to use or develop technology in the most sustainable way. I have started practicing meditation, doing workout, expressing gratitude to every companion of my Journey.

May Almighty…. “Lead us from ignorance to reality, from darkness to light, from fear of death to knowledge of immortality”