Santosh J Jagtap

Assistant Professor
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

M.Tech. (Electronics and Telecomm), Mumbai University 2008
B.E. (Electronics), Shivaji University 1998


Teaching Experience: 22 Years
Industry Experience: 3 Years
Technical Papers Published: 8
Masters Students Guided: 6

In the beautiful journey of my life, I am inspired by powerful words of Nelson Mandela. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Education system is most powerful weapon to build the nation by nurturing the minds of youth power. I am very much fortunate to be a part of education system by working as an assistant professor at Vidyalankar institute of technology.

I am born and brought in a small village of Sangli district which is surrounded by beauty of nature. Believe on me nature is big GURU to learn everything. Later I realised that most of the technical concepts are derived from nature. My childhood experience helped me to relate technology with nature when I started my carrier as a teacher. I feel we should be very passionate and curious about our goals and objectives. Curiosity is the most important thing gifted to human being by the god. In my childhood days, I was very curious about radio. How it works? What is inside it? How voice is generated inside this small box? The roots of my technical education were laid in my childhood days.

I completed my graduation in Electronics engineering from Rayat shikshan Sanstha, Satara. I got the best experience of life during my graduation. I realised that education itself is a life; it’s not a preparation of life. I was most impressed by some teachers who laid the foundation of my carrier as a teacher. They not only taught technical education but also taught us ethical values of life. As a teacher I follow them and impart the same to my students.

After my graduation I got the opportunity to work in industries like Automatic Electric limited and Enkay Telecommunication India limited where I realised “Knowledge is actually a potential power; it becomes a kinetic when acted upon”

I really understood practical aspects of engineering in my three years of industrial experience. While working on servo stabilizers and AC voltmeters in Automatic Electric, I understood how minor design problems can create major changes in engineering products. I learned there how to identify engineering problems, how to develop mathematical model in order to make reliable and cost effective products. Enkay telecommunication provided me platform not only to work on technical problems and deployment strategies of key telephone systems but also how to tackle with customer’s problems. I was really a very good experience to work on component level repairing and design issues of voice announcement unit at Enkay telecommunication.

The industrial experience laid the foundation for development of my teaching model and methodology. In my 19 years of teaching experience, I am most effectively using four steps such as problem statement, modelling, analysis and implementation as an integral part of my teaching.

I taught various telecommunication subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students by using different teaching tools, methodologies and best resources provided by Vidyalankar institute of technology. I got the opportunity to develop laboratory of optical fiber communication where my students are doing real time measurements for 25Km long fiber. My undergraduate and postgraduate students are most effectively using modern simulation tool “OPTSIM” for design and analysis of optical systems. Many students did their projects in linear and nonlinear optics by using OPTSIM. The facility for research in recent trends in optical communication such as SOLITON transmission, Raman amplification, DWDM optical systems etc. in available in optical communication laboratory. My post graduate students did projects in these domains and presented papers at national and international level. One of the students got the best paper award at Singapur for the paper on Raman amplification.

I strongly believe on imagination as a best engineering tool. My hobby of reading the books on different topics helped me to develop my imagination and mind power. I am most effectively using imagination and virtual thinking as a part of my teaching in order to create technical spark and curiosity among the students.

I would like to tell my students be prepared for the challenges of the life. Make yourself very strong, self-dependent and have a passion about the quality and peaceful life. Define your goal and try to accomplish this happily not for happiness. Remember if you want to live healthy and happy life tie it to the goal.