Savio Jerry Moraes

Assistant Professor
Electronics Engineering Department

M.E. Electronics and Telecommunications Mumbai University 2017
B.E.,Electronics,KJSCE, Mumbai 1990


Teaching Experience: 26 Years
Administrative and Managerial Experience: 05 Years
Technical Papers Published: 03

Teaching is not just a profession for me . . . It’s my Passion!!!

I discovered my ability to teach during my school days when my friends used to request me to teach the concepts of Mathematics on the blackboard. My secondary school teachers too used to ask me to explain problems on the black board and I really loved it. My first Teacher was my mother who taught me the importance of hard work – how goals can be achieved with persistent efforts. ‘Just do your best and leave the rest to the Almighty’, was her simple mantra. I had already made my decision in school itself that I would take up a career in Engineering. In those days, Electronics was a very popular choice and the most sought-after branch; so after due consideration, I eventually pursued Electronics Engineering at KJSCE, Vidyavihar.

Given my Engineering background and passion for teaching, I consciously decided to take up a career in Technical teaching. This was despite the fact that a teaching Job paid much less than Industry at that time. My first teaching assignment was at Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Polytechnic, Chembur, where I taught second year and Third Year Diploma Students. The immense job satisfaction that I derived from my stint at SAKP reinforced my belief that Teaching was my ‘calling’ and would always remain my chosen profession.

In 1993, I was offered a position at Mithibai College, Vile Parle to teach Electronics for the Central Government sponsored ‘Minimum Competency Vocational Courses’. This was a challenging assignment as it involved students who were mostly economically backward and academically mediocre or weak. These skill development courses were designed to enable such students to become employable or entrepreneurs after successful course completion. Leaving SAKP was difficult as I was switching over to teach in the Vocational Education Stream but the purpose it served, motivated me to take the plunge. For twenty three long years, I was associated with Mithibai College working with academically weak students, helping them to gain self-confidence, improving their self-worth and striving to transform them into ‘value’ citizens with credible technical skills. Those years have been truly amazing!!!

During these past years I have used my spare time to help many Engineering Students in various technical subjects. This has provided me with dual benefits – being in continuous touch with the latest trends in Engineering Education and gaining a deep sense of professional satisfaction.

My association with Vidyalankar Institute of Technology has been relatively recent, from January 2019. In this duration, I have taught students subjects like Embedded Systems, Power Electronics, Microcontrollers and Applications and Wireless Communications. I have always endeavored for a practical oriented approach encouraging students to build practical kits after performing simulations to enable them to get a feel of working with physical hardware. Motivating students to convert ‘Knowledge’ into ‘Skill’ has always been my aim.

I firmly believe that student ideas very often tend to be ‘out of the box’ ushering in a fresh outlook to past, current and future technologies and as a teacher it is my responsibility to allow these ideas to blossom. I envisage working with students on ideas where there is an integration of domains especially Power Electronics, Embedded Systems and Wireless Communications to create innovative products.

On a personal note, I love reading books–both fiction and non-fiction and I occasionally write poetrytoo!!!