Sayli Todkari

Assistant Professor
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

M.E. Mumbai University 2015
B.E. Mumbai University 2012


Teaching Experience: 5 Years
Technical Papers Published: 5

Growing up, my admiration for my life’s first gurus - my parents and my schoolteachers; helped me develop an interest in becoming a teacher. As a curious kid, my quest for knowledge led me to attend workshops on Buddhiwardhan at Manashakti Research Centre, Lonavala. Here, science and philosophy were taught together, and lectures were delivered with utmost preparation. This made me realize that the path to be a good teacher would require more than just acquiring in-depth knowledge. It would also require discipline and sincerity along with the ability to express my thoughts in an impactful manner.

During high school years, my inclination towards logical subjects such as mechanical sciences and my fascination towards working of electronic gadgets, led me to pursue electronics and mathematics at junior college. Entering the field, with the mission to not only study but also to master it, among aspiring young minds as a teacher; kept me driven in this pursuit. As I graduated in Electronics and Telecommunications from Finolex Academy of Management and Technology and then I decided to go for masters in the same domain from K.J.S.C.E., Vidyavihar. This helped me to sharpen my teaching skills and begin my career as a teacher.

In the year 2016, Vidyalankar Institute of Technology offered me an opportunity to work as an Assistant Professor in their renowned Institute which proved to be a foundation for my professional career. I have taught subjects like Digital electronics, Data Compression and Encryption, Speech Processing, Computer Networks. My research interests vary across domains such as Image and Speech Processing, Embedded Control, Digital Signal Processing, Deep learning, Web Development and Designing. The teaching aspect of my job keeps me on my toes as each student brings new questions and perspectives as a form of learning for me. It is also very gratifying to get the opportunity to inspire the next generation through academics.

Along with teaching, being involved in community service has also shaped my personality. As an active member of the NSS committee in college, I frequently took part in student’s camps and street plays. I have often delivered lectures on different methods of studying, concentration, and personality development to the primary school children. Apart from this, I enjoy dancing, reading, sports and trekking.