Sheetal Patil

Assistant Professor
Electronics and Computer Science

ME (Electronics), Mumbai University 2008
BE(Electronics),Pune University 2003


Teaching Experience: 17 Years
Technical Papers Published: 06

The innocence of a child in dreaming an adult version of self is eternally pure; uncorrupted by the self-limiting thoughts of fulfilling such dreams. Growing up, I had the opportunity to draw strength and inspiration from my aunt who has been a professor all of her life. I was inspired by the fact that how a teacher can play multiple roles as a mentor, friend and a guide to nurture the growth of young budding minds and from that day onward, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

In school, I was intrigued with the practical applicability of the subjects that were being taught to me. I was deeply interested in how something as simple as electric current was one of the greatest inventions of human-mankind and how electronic products help improve the quality of life. Consequently, I decided to pursue my engineering in Electronics. Even after completing my bachelors, my hunger for knowledge was not fulfilled. Naturally, I decided to pursue ME in electronics from the University of Mumbai where I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Thereafter, I had the good fortune of joining, what I consider to be one of the most reputable organizations in our country – VIT. It was at this institute that I really experienced what my aunt had experienced two decades ago- to finally be a teacher. At this institute, I had the opportunity to interact with leading faculty of various departments and who shared the same passion and interests as me.

In my teaching experience of 16 years, I taught 12 subjects some of them being: Signal & System, Digital Signal Processing and Digital Image Processing. My area of specialization is Signal Processing which motivated me to pursue a PhD in the same. I have been impressed with how meaningful applications can be built by using machine learning techniques and decided to explore it. My students have also implemented meaningful projects in the same domain such as: Depression Diagnosis system and Emotion Recognition from Images. They also went on to publish their research papers in reputed journals such as IEEE and Springer.

I have been an active member of the IEEE since the past 7 years. As faculty in-charge of IEEE student branch, I organized different workshops and eminent speaker’s lectures at VIT. I am particularly proud that during my tenure VIT-IEEE student chapter grabbed the “Best Student Chapter” award.

Apart from my professional life, I thoroughly enjoy reading books, spending time with my son and listening to music.