Shruti Agrawal

Assistant Professor
Information Technology

M.E. (Computer Engineering), Pune University 2015
B.Tech. (Computer science and Engineering), GBTU 2012


Teaching Experience: 08 Years
Technical Papers Published: 06

I believe that education is the foundation of success and is a lifelong learning process. I have a passion for learning as well as for sharing of knowledge with others. My elder sister being in the teaching field, I always wanted to become like her; by exploring and sharing new things. I love working with youth and to see the difference that I can make in their lives. I get motivated just thinking of the lifetime benefits—"I teach, I touch the future”. I feel immensely motivated to teach when I see my students succeed. This desire made me select, teaching as my profession; as soon as I completed my BTech. With this respect, I felt the need to enhance my knowledge in the area, I am passionate about and I came to Pune, the city of educational hub to complete my masters. I have been a studious student who achieved good pointers throughout academics.

In my teaching career so far, I have handled many subjects; out of which my major interest lies in programming subjects like Java and Python. I like to code along with the students on small projects that give a better clarity of concepts. I believe project-based learning may help students to get an idea on the implementation aspect of any programming language. In addition to that, I like to explore the cutting-edge technologies of my field. That motivates me to explore concepts like Data science and machine learning.

I joined Vidyalankar in 2018. This institute gave me a plethora of opportunities to improve and groom as a teacher. I am working as one of the placement coordinators of the Department. This gives me the chance to interact with lot of students and organize many pre-placement trainings to make students industry ready. I have also explored different technologies in web development.

Apart from my work schedule, I like reading non-fiction, listening to music and go to gym for physical fitness. I try to incorporate these activities in my daily routine.