Snehal Andhare

Assistant Professor
Computer Engineering

M.E. (Computer Engineering), VIT, Mumbai 2015
B.E (Computer Engineering),VIT, Mumbai 2012


Teaching Experience: 09 Years
Technical papers Published: 9

Belonging to a middle-class family in Jalgaon and brought up in Mumbai, I always perceived life as ‘an amusement park with new wonders’ as my grandmother says. Today I can feel the impact of those words as these wonders were nothing but my inquisitiveness of technology. Since my school days, I have always enjoyed repairing devices like clock, tape-recorder, grinder, etc. These small ventures further developed my skills in learning new things and implementing its knowledge.

During HSC, due to the vocational background, I started developing my keen interest in Electronics. The first achievement that I could recall was when I and a couple of my friends developed an in-house automatic washing machine. Participation in project competitions always kept our thinking level active and motivated. After completion of my schooling, it was 2008, when I first stepped in VIT as a reticent student filled with a stream of myriad thoughts.

As a student of the computer science branch, I started developing interest in coding and its implementation in different applications. After completing my graduation, I continued in VIT with my post- graduation and also joined a part time job in Government Polytechnic College. My Post graduation tenure at VIT saw me doing various innovative projects along with the gaining of knowledge in different computer languages and operating systems like Ubuntu, Windows etc. We also implemented some unique android applications to aid the functioning of some NGO’s.

It was a nostalgic phase of life when I joined VIT in 2014 as a faculty. It gives me immense pleasure to work with this Institute. Although I was already a part of this college being a student, this new role of a faculty is a reckoning for me. Today, I can understand, motivate and work with my students on different projects by taking a leaf out of how the teaching faculty of this institute helped me a few days back in reaching the position where I am. Along with my students, I developed a virtual chemistry lab for schools in rural area. Being professionally certified in Machine Learning and Python language, I guided different projects in the same field.

Nurturing a creative vent to my imagination, I always managed to find some time for sketching and paintings too. Vidyalankar has truly given me the opportunity to be a part of the state-of-the-art forum, Alila. I have always believed that hard work is the only force that works. As a passionate teacher, my goal is to inspire and motivate and encourage all the students of VIT to make this world a better place to live..!!