Snehal Ashtekar

Assistant Professor
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

MTech. (ETRX), Mumbai University 2015
B.E. (EXTC), Mumbai University 2011


Teaching Experience: 6 Years

I have been brought up in a family of academicians, which inspired me to become a teacher. One memory which will never fade away from my mind. I was about 5 years old, I was always fascinated to teach what I learnt in school. So, I used to gather kids from the slum which was located near our house and I started teaching them English alphabets. I received a positive response from these kids. They found it interesting as the poor kids could not afford to go to even a municipal school. This provoked me to become a teacher.

So, my teaching journey spams from being an ABCD teacher for poor kids to now, teaching technicalities to engineering students. Teaching engineering students is though not a difficult task but indeed a vital one. Being one amongst the Electronics and Telecommunication fraternity, I have developed a keen interest towards the communication domain, may it be wireless communication, data communication or computer communication and networking since my college days.

Being a VIT alumnus, my college has always encouraged me to carry on more research in my domain of interest. Technically speaking Vidyalankar has embedded in me not only the values, morals, and personality development but also hard core EXTC engineering skills which I did not get to learn during my graduation or post-graduation days.

Today, I see my institute amongst the top-rated ones. To be at Vidyalankar is to find yourself, develop yourself and promote yourself. I am and will always be proud to be part of this prestigious institution named “VIDYALANKAR…..BE SURE WITH IT….!!!!!”