Sonaali Borkar

Assistant Professor
Engineering Chemistry
In-Charge, First Year Engineering

M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry), University of Mumbai 1993
B.Sc. University of Mumbai 1991
B.Ed. University of Mumbai 1995


Teaching Experience: 25 Years
Administrative and managerial Experience: 16 Years
Technical Paper Published: 03
Books Authored: 04
E-books: 02

My teaching journey at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology started from its inception in 1999 and continues till date. The zeal of channelizing the energy of young minds motivated me to take up teaching as a profession. I’ve always strived to be a teacher who is a role model for students. What I cherish about my profession is that I feel energized among students and like to understand the traits and changing preferences of the new generation with every new batch. I am enthusiastic about experimenting with new teaching methodologies and learning new things along with them.

I have always been passionate about unlocking the secrets of the magical world of Chemistry in front of inquisitive young minds. My emphasis is on activity-based learning in my classroom so I make my sessions as interactive as possible by conducting many activities during my class. I have authored two books on Applied Chemistry for the benefit of Mumbai University students. With my student teams I created an ibook and flip e-book on Engineering Chemistry, organized mini project exhibitions, and guided the model project ‘Dream Town 2050’.

Online Teaching learning process made me do lot of experiments with teaching the batch of 2020-21. Implementation of student engagement activities with web 2.0 tools like online quizzes, Kahoot, Padlet, Amuse Labs etc., MS Teams breakout rooms, online GD, debates, virtual laboratories, and demonstrations of Chemistry experiments. I also implemented a special activity named ‘SandBox- a platform where students experimented with mock startups, launched their mock companies, built their teams, earned shares in terms of mock currency and finally the company with maximum shares won the competition.

On the administration front, in addition to teaching, I have been entrusted with a diverse set of responsibilities such as Centralized Admission Process of the Institute, Student Council Convener, heading the First Year Engineering Department in two stints, Alumni Committee Convener, Technical Council Convener, Hobby Club, Food Consultant related activities, and being a core team member in NAAC. I initiated an Engineering branding event- ‘Corridors to Revelation’ for engineering aspirants and successfully planned a global food festival on the campus - ‘World on a Platter’. I have successfully implemented Study Circle for first year students with the help of senior students. I have also organized annual fests, Alumni Meets, Graduation Day ceremonies, Short Term Training Programmes, Faculty Development Programmes, Short Seminar Series to groom youngsters in etiquettes and mannerism, an educational tour and a host of other academic and extracurricular activities on the campus.

I enjoy mentoring, counseling, and connecting with students and alumni. My area of interest is in education related research. I have published a couple of papers in international conference and received the Best Paper award in an international virtual conference, IBSSC 2020-IEEE Bombay Section Signature Conference 2020 in December 2020, titled, “The paradigm shift towards e-teaching-SWOT analysis from the perspective of Indian teachers."

To nurture my creativity, I have pursued many hobbies like sketching, writing poetry, singing, drama, reading. I enjoy watching sci-fi movies. In my student days, I was quite keen and enthusiastic about participating in co-curricular and extracurricular activities such as science exhibitions, elocution competition, dance, drama, drawing etc Cultural diversities in food and nutrition is my keen interest and I love preparing innovative dishes. Principles, values and integrity mean a lot in my life and I strongly believe in inculcating the same in my students. I believe in social work helping the people in need around.

Each experience at Vidyalankar has helped me to evolve as a person, a teacher, and an influencer. My message to my students is, ‘Build a strong foundation of ethics and values in life. Do smart work, be valued, value others and be valuable!