Suvarna Sapre

Assistant Professor
Computer Engineering

M.E. (Electronics Engineering), University of Mumbai 2013
B.E. (Electronics Engineering), University of Mumbai 2009


Teaching Experience: 12 Years
Technical papers Published: 6

I was born and brought up in a village near Palghar. To make the best of the limited resources at my disposal, I learned to optimize my resources from a very tender age. My father was working in Camlin factory where I got a chance in an early age to connect not only with the plant, but also a variety of art and craft material. This association initiated my love for understanding the process and ignited my love for automation and machinery. With my hard work and my ability to put in the extra effort for tasting success, I secured the first position in 10th std. not only in my school, but also in my district.

Determined in my search for excellence, I joined VJTI for diploma in electronics engineering. As a 16 year old student who had stayed in the hostel, doing household chores as well as travelling in crowded trains of Mumbai, it was like a new chapter of my life which opened up before me. The biggest challenge was now to simply cope up with the fast paced environment. Today, these experiences always make me empathise with the OHU students for whom Mumbai city can be apparently a new experience.

During this new phase of my life, I had also undergone in-plant training at the prestigious Air India, for almost one year wherein I had worked as an intern. This gave me hands on experience to hone my technical skills. I was appreciated for my work in trouble shooting and making unserviceable testing setup used in aircrafts. I was also awarded with the Ratan Tata Scholarship in the final year of my diploma. Subsequently, I bagged admission in VIT, where I completed my Bachelors in Electronics. I was fortunate enough to get the best of faculty, mentors and friends.

As a student, Vidyalankar was my home away from home, with all the faculty and students building up my family. In my efforts to seek knowledge in technical domains, I completed my Masters in electronics. Electronics is part of my life now, and domains like digital designing, signal processing, image processing and Mathematics interests me immensely. In today’s online era, I always believe that everyone needs to be updated and upgraded.

Further, art has always been essentially close to my heart. Hence even after becoming an engineer, I still manage time to do sketches and oil paintings for keeping myself refreshed. Vidyalankar has rightly given me beautiful opportunities in exploring my creative endeavours being part of the Hobby Club Committee and state of the art creative forum, Alila. In doing so, I have come across many talented students whom I encourage and give a platform to expand and nurture their talent. These creative pursuits help me strengthen my bonding with students not only as their teacher but also as a friend.

Thus, ultimately I aspire to inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instil the love of learning in every student I meet.