Dr. Vipul Dalal

Information Technology

PhD (Comp Sc & Tech), Nagpur University 2019
M.E. (Computer Engineering), VJTI, Mumbai 2006
B.E. (Computer Engineering), SVNIT, Surat 1997


Teaching Experience: 21 Years
Administrative and managerial Experience: 5 Years
Technical papers Published: 25
Books Authored: 1

Born in a family of academic background, I grew up seeing my parents teaching students at the school level. After completing my schooling under the guidance of my parents, I took up an assignment as a computer typist after my HSC board exams. It was perhaps this small stint that infused in me to the decision to take up Computer Engineering at one of the most prestigious technical institutes, SVNIT Surat. During my graduation, I learnt the rapid developmental challenges of the field of computer science. The key to cracking these challenges was very simple. One should be aware and have the flair to specialize in the domains which could possibly be in the infant stage. This inspired me to further complete my Post Graduation in Computer Engineering from another reputed institute of Mumbai and pursue my career in teaching where I would be able to access the latest technological trends.

Joining VIT was an important and valuable step for me as my teaching skills got the much-desired edge while teaching subjects of my domain like Database Systems, Advanced Database Systems, Computer Graphics, Image Processing Data Warehousing and Mining. While guiding and mentoring Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate students at VIT, I developed some new areas of interests like machine learning and other associated topics which propelled me to take up a formal research study in this domain. My new role as a teacher and Ph.D student infused a deeper insight in my function of a faculty member as I could understand the cases from the perspective of the students with ease.

Reading technical literature during my pastime is my passion. It engrosses me to the extent that I often end up sparing my time in knowing and understanding the new methods and techniques in the field of technology. Apart from teaching, I enjoy traveling, trekking and listening to music. I have learnt many life lessons through my adventurous pursuits. I endear my students to learn new technology and create their own niche in this digital world once they graduate from the college.