Vishwas Patil

Assistant Professor
Engineering Mathematics

M.Sc. (Mathematics), Shivaji University, Kolhapur 1998
B.Sc. (Mathematics), Shivaji University, Kolhapur 1996


Teaching Experience: 21 Years

The earthy fragrance of the soil, the soothing view of the greenery and sweat dripping from my forehead when I raised my plough to bear fruit from Mother Earth are the fond flashbacks I can recollect as a child. Born in a family of farmers, I come from a small village named Shigaon located in Walwa Taluka of Sangli District. Being the elder son of the family and responsible as I always was, I started multitasking at a very young age. I had to swiftly switch my roles from a farmer who would toil on the fields to a student who was brilliant playing with numbers. A subject which is not everyone’s cup of tea was attracting me time and again. I brought great happiness to my family, especially to my father, when he held his head high, as a result of my academic performance with distinction.

Apart from this, my interests were various sports like Cricket, Football, Kabaddi. I enjoyed cross-country running. I have fond memories of my marathons towards the hilly regions of Panhala Fort of 15 kilometers everyday which helped me stay active, energetic and enthusiastic. Along with five other competitors, I was fortunate enough to get selected in the Shivaji University cross-country team. I put in all my heart and soul to represent my University in this competition which was going to be held in Hissar district of Haryana state. But life had something else in store for me. I unfortunately met with an accident which shattered my dream of running that race which I was confident of winning. Within a blink of an eye, I could see my sports career crumbling into pieces and that bitter truth was very hard for me to digest.

But it was my teachers who stepped in and played an important role in mentoring me and helped me gain my confidence back again in this difficult situation of my life. With the guidance of my teachers, various doors opened for me when it came to choose a career option for my future. With the support of my teachers and constant encouragement of my family, I knew it was the turning point in my life as I felt goosebumps when my students addressed me as “Sir”. It was a feeling I cannot truly express.

Before joining VIT, I have amazing memories of teaching in D.B.J. College, Chiplun, and S.S.P.M.’s COE, Kankavali, district Sindhudurg. I would want to make of mention of some people like Prof. Kallekar and Prof. Mandar Sohani who have been strong influences who have helped me to grow not only as a teacher but also as a person. Fortunate to relate to talented people, I learnt the different applications of Mathematics in Engineering.

One can really address the subject of Mathematics as the King of all Sciences. To be a successful Engineer, learning the subject to the core and admiring its beauty is very much necessary. I am grateful enough that God has given me this opportunity to connect with students and teach them the beauty of this subject which would serve as a bridge to produce quality engineers - the demand of the present situation.