Vivek Padmanabh Patkar

Assistant Professor
Electronics Engineering

M.E.(Electronics), K.J. Somaiya College of Eng., Mumbai 2015
B.E. (Biomedical), MGM College of Eng., New Mumbai 2012


Teaching Experience: 10 Years
Technical Papers Published: 03

I was brought up in a town close to the financial capital of India, Mumbai. Owing to this, technology has surprised and was gifted to me, almost every day. I have witnessed some of the technology innovations like transition from hand video games to TV video games and then play stations. Another significant transition being from CRT monitors to LCD screens and then to the quick entry of new player, the LED Displays. Technology kept influencing me, but I never had a formal thought of becoming an engineer as a child. As I grew in this technology driven environment, eventually, the interest in gadgets transformed into the desire to be a significant Engineer.

To become a true engineer not only Mathematics, but interest in Physics is essential. I have interests in Physics as well as Biology and this prompted me to take up Biomedical Engineering at graduate level. I also adopted the concept of Earning while learning, which is very common in the universities abroad. I took up part time Biology and Physics tutoring to satisfy my passion from my second year of Engineering. This experience gave me a confidence that I can become a good teacher. Along with this task, I was simultaneously maintaining excellent academics as well. Engineering delighted me a lot. The graduation made a thought clear to me that I am on right track. During the course of Biomedical Engineering, I understood that every technology has roots in Biological systems. We, knowingly or unknowingly, look at biological systems and then try to realize them using spectrum of core engineering principles in every innovation. Biological systems remain benchmark for performance of all engineering innovations.

As a part of my graduation project, I took up work of purifying corrupt ECG signals from heart. I did this task using the insights I gained during graduation. I also published a research paper on this work. This project, motivated me to enter research domain. To achieve this, I decided to take up Master Degree in Electronics Engineering and then join formal Teaching. Teaching is lifelong process of learning and learning leads to research, hence my decision to take it up.

I qualified GATEand took up Master’s degree in Electronics engineering with MHRD scholarship. During post-graduation, I published two research papers, one involving Processing of MRI images and another involving understanding information in EEG signals from human Brain. After completing my post-graduation, I joined Vidyalankar Institute of Technology as a faculty member. The facilities and environment here helps me to nurture my interests and keep them alive. I spend most of my spare time in college, sitting and exploring the laboratories. I try out using novel technologies, repairing or reimbursing the faulty equipment, helping out students in their projects, talking to students about latest topics in technology and similar kinds of activities. I have supervised number of final year and mini projects. They involve face recognition from video stream, smart flower pot, touchless tachometer, Tumor classification from MRI images and so on.

I like to read and work on Bio inspired projects like facial recognition, technology for healthcare applications and agricultural instrumentation. Iam always proactive in discussing and working in these domains with my students and colleagues. It becomes very interesting to discuss and implement nature’s mechanisms with our know-how..!!!