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Seminar Hall

The Institute has five air-conditioned seminar halls equipped with multimedia facilities. Workshops, training programs, seminars, invited talks and various committee events are held here.


The VIT Amphitheater is an outdoor auditorium that serves the needs of the students’ social activities. All major social events are held in the Amphitheater, giving it a modern day feel of the olden days Greek amphitheaters.



The Institute has an auditorium which is an architectural masterpiece with a capacity of 264, and is equipped with state of the art audio-visual equipment. ‘M Auditorium’, the 6000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Auditorium, a brand new addition to the Vidyalankar Campus has an International Award to its credit. It won the award for the Top Institutional Theater Design in the world at the Interior Design Best of the Year Awards in December 2014 at New York. This project has been featured in the December 2014 issue of ‘Home Trends’ magazine and in the international ‘Professional Lighting Design’ magazine.

In addition to the seminar halls, the amphitheater and the auditorium, landscaped gardens in the campus also provide ample space to conduct bigger events such as annual gathering, graduation day and fresher’s party.

Movie Theatre

The Institute has a mini theatre which has a capacity of 100 seats. Acclaimed movies, meaningful cinema and science fiction flicks are screened for the benefit of students as a part of beyond syllabus activity.

Guest Room

The Institute has an in-house lodging facility in the form of a 2 bed – air conditioned executive suite with an attached toilet. This guest room is used for hosting guests who visit the Institute for various purposes, such as participation in seminars/workshops/conferences, etc.

Food Court

George Bernard Shaw asserts, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” The Institute is committed to the provision of nutritious, high-quality and hygienic food to its members and constantly strives to identify avenues for improvement in its food services. There is access to wholesome food on the campus and the cafeteria and kitchen premises conform to high standards of cleanliness.

The Institute has multiple outlets serving various cuisines. Occasionally special programmes such as Global Food Festival and food fairs are also arranged to make students aware of international cuisine, dining etiquettes, etc.

A staff member from the Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Dadar, supervises the quality of food ingredients at our outlets. Constant efforts are made to provide different food items at reasonable rates. To cater needs after office hours, the Institute has installed automatic vending machines which deliver various branded packed snacks and beverages.

The Food and Beverages Committee ensures that nutritious hygienic food is made available to students and staff. It organizes periodic meetings and visits with consultants and implements innovative ideas and coordinates with the canteen to arrange for reasonably priced food items.


Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.” Vidyalankar believes that sports contribute to character-building and personality development. Be it a passion for a game, sportsmanship spirit, the lessons learnt from losing, the pride and glory in representing and winning for the college, cheering for a college team… all these comprise of the cherished and memorable moments of college life. To inculcate the love of sports and to cater to the needs of sports enthusiasts on the campus, the Institute has well-maintained sports facilities.

The Institute has two multipurpose grounds that are used by students for outdoor sports and recreational activities and a Gymnasium for indoor sports. The grounds are suitable for popular sports such as football and cricket. There is also a multi-sports court which can be used for volleyball, throw ball, etc. and a separate area is developed for badminton. Sports like Kabbadi, Kho-Kho, and athletics are organized in lush green grounds.

Facilities for indoor games are provided in the Institute Sport Club. Tournaments in Carom, Chess, Arm Wrestling and Table Tennis are frequently conducted here. The Institute has appointed a full-time Sports Officer to coach and guide students in various sports.

Digital Notice Boards

Every department and designated sections are provided with notice boards for displaying important notices as well as publicity posters received by other Institutes to encourage student participation in inter-collegiate events. The Institute is also equipped with digital notice boards for dynamic display of various notices and updates.


A Slovakian proverb says, “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.” The Institute ensures that the drinking water facilities on the campus are maintained at regular intervals and with utmost care.

Drinking water supplied by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is available throughout the campus. All drinking water outlets and water coolers are fitted with top-notch water purifiers. All underground and overhead water tanks are cleaned by professional service-providers thrice a year using sophisticated equipment including UV equipment. Further, bottled water is also available at the food outlets on the campus.

Water is precious and hence water conservation is also taken care of. Recycled water is used for flushing in toilets and for landscaping and gardening requirements.

Value Added Courses

Vidyalankar is keen on nurturing its students to develop into industry-ready professionals and competent entrepreneurs. The definition of employability skills keeps on changing in a world whose technological frontiers are pushing outward day by day. To help our students gain exposure to the latest in technological developments, to provide an opportunity to develop inter-disciplinary skills and to equip them with skills which shape a global citizen’s profile, the Institute has introduced various Value Added Courses which are floated throughout the year. Delivered by industry experts, they bring the knowledge of cutting edge technology to the college doorstep.

Students have the options to choose from a host of courses as per their inclination at a nominal fee. These include courses on technical, non-technical as well as foreign languages; recent courses were on Ethical Hacking, Android Applications and ERP, to mention a few.


A home away from home, for the benefit of Other than Home University (OHU) students, Vidyalankar has a private hostel facility (lodging only) with limited seats at Nerul, Navi Mumbai. Those interested may contact the hostel premises on 022 27704165 for checking availability and facilities.


The Institute buildings are equipped with hygienically maintained and sparkling clean restrooms. Many of the restrooms have changing rooms also. There are separately designated restrooms for men and women among staff and students and one specially made for the physically challenged.

Vehicle Parking

The Institute campus has vehicle parking facility for staff vehicles.As per the parking rules, two-wheeled parking for students and four-wheeled parking for staff members is permitted. To encourage adherence to traffic rules and safe driving, students wearing helmets only are allowed to enter the campus to park their 2-wheeled vehicles. Students’ four wheeled vehicles are allowed in the campus for drop and pick-up. A parking space is specially marked and designated for the physically challenged. Parking stickers and a parking plan are used for optimum utilization of parking space. The car parking arrangement is designed such that it aids in disaster management, should the need arise.

Electronic Surveillance

Vidyalankar assigns great importance to the security and well-being of students. Electronic surveillance is a good deterrent to crime. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are fixed all over the campus at strategic locations. Many of the classrooms are also fitted with CC camera.

Facilities for the physically challenged

There are provisions on the campus, specially made for the comfort of individuals with disabilities. In addition to elevators, there is a stair climber. A ramp has been fitted alongside the staircase at the entry to the VIT building. There is a specially designated parking space and a restroom for the physically challenged.

Doctor on Campus and First Aid

It is said that health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. The Institute has tied up with reputed emergency response services for 24×7 medical support facilities. In case of an emergency, medical help is provided by an ambulance consisting of a paramedic officer with essential lifesaving equipment. If necessary, the patient is taken to the nearest hospital (KEM Hospital, Parel) for further treatment. First aid boxes are available at various locations at all over the campus.


Campus security arrangements ensure that safety measures and adequate precautions are taken to secure the inmates. Closed circuit TV cameras have been installed at strategic locations on the campus and the security personnel are trained to handle emergencies. The campus is monitored by two security officers and more than 40 security guards all-round the day and night.

Fire Safety

The Institute buildings are equipped with fire-fighting equipment as per safety norms. Fire drills are carried out by the Security team regularly.

Evacuation Plan

Emergency evacuation plans are displayed in the Institute buildings along with the provision of a public address system to alert all in case of an emergency.