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Code of Conduct

VIT – MMS Students:

VIT expects all its MMS students to follow the Code of Conduct stated and explained below.


VIT MMS students are required to observe discipline and conduct themselves responsibly.  Disciplinary rules and regulations are separately detailed but primarily includes, amongst other things, academic discipline, appropriate dressing, and wearing the VIT ID while on campus, punctuality, in class behaviour and etiquette, timely submission of assignments and projects, appearing for internal as well as external examinations, participation and involvement in all curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the Institute.


Students will not only act as Brand Ambassadors of VIT – MMS but will also contribute effectively to strengthen its Brand image. Therefore students, both the existing as well as alumni, are expected to conduct, both, within and outside the campus, in a manner which will set examples to others by demonstrating their worthiness and capability within the community, and in the affairs of the country.


Students must understand that all tangible as well as intangible assets of the Institute are precious and need to be effectively used, preserved and maintained with utmost care.

Rules and Regulations for VIT Students:

General discipline

In case a student breaks any rule, the management reserves the right of taking appropriate disciplinary action. Students of VIT are expected to observe the highest norms of public and private etiquette and discipline so as to meet world- class professional standards.Students are discouraged from organizing any meetings, functions, programs and seminars without the prior approval of the Director of the Institute.

Non- compliance to any of the Rules & Regulations would lead to following Courses of action:

  • Counseling the student
  • Letter to the parents and counseling
  • Debarment for the year on consultation with the respective authorities.
  • Wearing I-Cards on Campus is compulsory.
  • Decency in dress code must be observed.
  • The formal dress code should be strictly adhered to on all days in the institute.
  • Wearing of Uniform / Formal Dress Code is expected at all times while representing college.
  • Punctuality, discipline and adherence to deadlines in every respect is expected.
  • In case, student fails to attend 75% of lectures for a particular subject then he / she will be debarred from the Examination as per University norms.
  • Maintaining Cleanliness in classrooms, Computer Labs, Library and Institute premises.
  • Rules regarding conduct and discipline and Rules against Ragging mentioned on DTE Admission Brochure (Om page No. 35) also shall be applicable.
  • Placements rules have to be strictly followed.
  • Students should not communicate any information or write about any matter concerning the Institute to the press or outside bodies without obtaining prior permission of the Director of the Institute
  • In case of events of academic activities like seminar, paper presentation etc… outside the Institute, attendance will be granted, upon prior approval of the coordinator.
  • Wearing of earrings by boys is prohibited

Classroom Discipline

  • The students are expected to be in the class 5 minutes before the scheduled time of the session.
  • Use of cell phones in the class rooms for speaking, texting, etc… is strictly prohibited in the class.
  • Use of laptops in the classrooms for anything other than the session in progress is not permitted.
  • Academic decorum such as discipline, silence, courtesy etc. must be observed in the class.
  • Students are not permitted to enter or leave the class during the session without the consent of the faculty.
  • When the session is in progress eatables/ beverages are strictly prohibited in the class.
  • Students are expected to maintain cleanliness in the classroom and Institute premises.

Library Discipline

  • ID card is compulsory for issue of books.
  • Reference books will not be issued.
  • Students can issue 2 books for 7 days.
  • Students must check the books before they are issued. If books are damaged, it should be brought to the notice of the Library Staff.
  • Late return fine in respect of Books will be Rs. 5 per day.
  • Students are not allowed to bring any bag in the Library
  • Eating is prohibited in the Library.
  • Students should not keep any valuables on the Library racks. Library staff or management will not be responsible for any theft.
  • Students should not demand at the counter any materials such as pen, pencil, stapler, blank sheet etc.
  • If the books/ Magazines issued are lost, the student will have to replace the same title, or pay the price of the same with ‘late returned fine’, if applicable.

Examination Discipline

  • Books / Notes and all study material should be kept away as instructed by Supervisors.
  • No mobile phones will be allowed during exams
  • Nothing should be written on body, scale, calculators, pencils, eraser etc….
  • Nothing should be written on the question paper.
  • Talking to other students while in the Examination Hall is not permitted.
  • Use of any unfair means during the examination is strictly prohibited.
  • Students should be present inside the exam hall 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the examination.


  • Viva shall be considered as per the earlier notified schedule. Students have to present themselves at the specified venue at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time of commencement.
  • Before commencing the Viva, student’s identity card and roll no. will be verified.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted to be on the person of the student while he/she appears for Viva.
  • Students are expected to conduct themselves politely and professionally at Viva which includes observance of the stipulated dress code.
  • Once Viva is over student is expected to leave the venue quietly without holding discussion with the students awaiting their turn for Viva.
  • The Examiner/ s for Viva shall have ultimate responsibility and full authority for the smooth conduct of the Viva.
  • Boys will not be allowed to sport earrings.


  • Willingness to learn cross-functional skills is required in the industry.
  • Willingness to work in groups / teams must be practiced.
  • Willingness to work hard and for long hours.
  • Total commitment to MMS course.
  • Use of Mobile Phones is Strictly prohibited while the lectures are in progress
  • Co-operation with the faculty and staff wherever required
  • Smoking and the use of other intoxicating chemicals is strictly prohibited.

Communication, Co-ordination and Participation

  • All communication and co-ordination with the faculty must be routed through the Course Coordinator.
  • Participation and attendance in Co-curricular / Extra-curricular activities is encouraged.

Resource Management @ Vidyalankar

  • Ensure maximum utilization of existing facilities
  • Avoiding wastage of Institute’s resources, Property and Goodwill.

Placement Rules

  • Summer training of 60 days duration is mandatory for each student between the First & the Second Year.
  • Misconduct of any kind by the students in the company during the Summer Project / Placement training will lead to disqualification of the students from final placements program.
  • Once an intimation regarding placements is received from the interested organization, a detailed information sheet with reference to company profile / job description, CTC etc will be sent to the organization. The received information sheet will be mailed to the student VIT ids and a copy will be put up on the notice board. The students are expected to go through and understand the job requirements before appearing for the placement procedures.
  • After accepting an offer, the student must ensure that he / she joins the company on the date required failing to which the institute will not give the student any recommendation letter and such student will be blacklisted from the placement cell.
  • Students selected from the campus are bound to accept the first offer made by the company failing to which the student will be excluded from further placement procedures.
  • It is the responsibility of the students to keep themselves informed about all placement activities going on in the Institute.
  • Once the interview schedule is fixed, it is mandatory for the students to attend the interview.
  • In case the candidate is unable to attend the interview, he/she needs to inform the Institute / Placement Coordinator (formal letter /e-mail) 48 hours prior to the schedule time of the interview.
  • The students who don’t attend the interview due to health grounds will have to submit a certificate from the doctor citing the reasons for non- attendance.
  • If the candidate is unable to attend the interview without any form of communication to the Institute/ Placement Coordinator then the necessary assistance will not be provided by the institute for the future assignments.
  • If a particular candidate is selected in a company through campus placement procedure, the CV of that candidate will not be forwarded to any other company thereafter.
  • If the candidate has appeared for the interview and the outcome is not known then, the CV can be forwarded to another company.
  • Participation in all quasi– academic activities is compulsory. Default may result in debarring from placement activity.


Rules regarding Appearing for an Interview

  • Present yourself in neat and pressed formal dress with tie and polished formal shoes. Nails ought to be trimmed.
  • Report at the placement centre 30 minutes before the interview starts.
  • Keep an updated copy of your resume with you.
  • Keep sufficient number (min 2 copies) of your documents/ certificates/ photographs ready arranged in order.
  • Unless specifically asked to report later, students waiting for their turn should wait patiently at the placement centre. You alone will be responsible if you miss your interview.
  • It is expected that the students have acquired all the relevant information about the scheduled company, sector and competitors prior to appearing for the interview sessions.


Code of conduct for students during Campus Placements:
Prior to the Campus Placements: 

  • Prepare well for the campus placements and avoid being overconfident and complacent.
  • Give utmost importance to punctuality; reach the venue 30 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Be well-groomed and professionally dressed in formal wear during the entire process of the campus placements.
  • Display your identity card throughout the placement process.
  • Visit the websites of the recruiting companies to be well-aware of the recruiting companies. This will help you during HR interviews as there will be questions on this.
  • Remember that you are an ambassador for your Institute and you are expected to project a positive image of your Institute.


  •  Three passport size color photographs.
  • Photocopies and original certificates of SSC, HSC/Diploma and Engineering. For any reason, if mark sheet of any semester has not been issued by the University, the provisional mark sheet should be obtained from the college authorities. If the originals of SSC, HSC and DIPLOMA are with the college authorities, photocopies of the same should be carried.
  • Three sets of your résumé. It should look impressive and be properly formatted and updated.

 During the Pre-placement talk:

  •  Switch off your mobile phones.
  • Sign on the attendance sheet that will be circulated on the day of campus placements at our Institute and also at other institutes during pool campus.
  • Be serious and attentive during the pre-placement talk.
  • Maintain silence during the pre-placement talk and do not engage in side-talk with fellow candidates.
  • Make a note of important points mentioned. There will be questions during the HR interviews on what has been told during the pre-placement talk.
  • If the company speakers encourage you to ask questions at the end of the talk, communicate in a responsible and intelligent manner.
  • Clarify doubts (if any) only at the end of pre-placement talk and do not interrupt the speakers during the pre-placement talk.
  • Do not approach the company HR personnel directly. Always approach the college placement officer for any reason before and after the campus placements.

 During the Aptitude and Technical tests: 

  •  Switch off your mobile phones.
  • Be seated in the classrooms quietly till the team comes to conduct the aptitude test or technical test.
  • Strictly avoid malpractices (like copying, discussing) during the tests.
  • Do not get into any arguments for any reason with the supervisor/company representative present in the classroom.
  • Carefully listen to and comply with all instructions given by the person conducting the test.
  • Be present at the stipulated time of declaration of results of the aptitude test, group discussion and the final selection.

After conclusion of placement activities:

  • Immediately after coming out of the interview room, write down the questions you were asked on the perforated sheet of the student diary and submit the same in the placement cell. This will help create a question bank for guiding your juniors.
  • Once selected by a company, you will be ineligible for appearing for further placement.