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Vidyalankar believes that character-building is an important step towards nation-building. Nurturing young minds is a vital responsibility. Vidyalankar Values are the set of ideals which guide the attitudes and behaviour of the members of the Vidyalankar family. It is said that there are no short-cuts on the road to success. Educating students on ethics, to differentiate between right and wrong and motivating them to choose the right path is imperative. The following values are interspersed in all aspects of the teaching-learning process:


Being true to oneself and others; being trustworthy and straightforward in all our professional and personal dealings. To walk on the path of honesty and fairness, irrespective of the consequences that may ensue.


Unwaveringly adhering to moral and ethical principles and upholding righteous behaviour. Developing strength of character, which is absolutely incorruptible at any point in the teaching-learning process and in one’s academic and professional life.


Setting high standards and quality benchmarks for one self and endeavouring to reach them. Doing the very best one can in every task that one accomplishes. Aiming for personal, academic and professional excellence and never compromising with mediocrity.


Being aware of and shouldering one’s responsibilities towards self, institute, home and society. Acquire the inner belief to fulfil one’s responsibilities to the best of one’s abilities. Being accountable for one’s actions; practicing what one preaches and leading by example.


Complete dedication and thorough engagement towards work. Inculcating loyalty and developing a sense of ownership. To be sincere in approach, adhere to deadlines and have a result-oriented approach.

Salubrious Attitude

Nurturing and promoting a feeling of well-being and a healthy and wholesome academic and professional environment. An attitude that is favourable to develop a healthy body, mind and character.
At Vidyalankar, students are motivated and guided to aim for personal excellence in everything they do. Educated not just on academic grounds, but also to learn to face real-world challenges, a wide array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities is conducted to help students develop a holistic personality. They are encouraged to be honest in their approach towards studies and in their communication with the teachers to help create an environment of mutual trust. Stringent norms are followed during examinations to avoid recourse to unfair means. Assignments are designed in such a way that a student is motivated to work on them using his own capabilities and creativity; original thinking is valued. The Vidyalankar Value system truly serves as a beacon to guide students.