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Wadala Data Centeran on-premise Server Farm featuring;


A virtualized setup of servers providing totalling to 32 Cores and 96 GB of RAM, for day to day management of over 7500 students & staff at the Campus.


A SONICWALL firewall a state of the art application level gateway and firewall for the Institutes that,


  • Allows access to only authorized users based on the access level
  • Provides IDS and virus protection to the Campus systems


Wi-Fi setup for the entire Institute controlled from the Data center via Sonicwall.


  • Has over 30 access points strategically located across the Campus for access to Internet services
  • Authentication driven; restrictions based on users according to access level


64 Mbps of Internet –  connection from two separate service providers to ensure 24×7 service availability.


Server Farm – On this setup, reside the critical systems and services which together act as enablers for IT enhanced management and provide streamlined collaborations among different teams. The setup includes;


An Active Directory Setup – that is the backbone of all Systems related operations. It provides;

  • Centralized authentication to users on any of the Campus’ systems and for Internet access
  • A roaming profile specific to a user giving users the freedom to access their data on any system on the Campus
  • Enhanced domain protection by enforcing group policies



  • A state of the art, web based centralized printing service that allows users to give print jobs from around the globe to “Any Time Print” (ATP) stations at the Institute.
  • Manages accounts and usage history for all users.
  • Cheaper printing compared to alternatives available in the market.
  • Colour and B/W printing options
  • Duplex printing option to save papers
  • Authentication integrated with Active Directory


MIS  for all academic and Institute administration

To manage the day to day operations of the Institute, a customized ERP for the Institute has been developed that looks after all administrative and academic processes of the Institute. Some of the crucial modules include;


  • Staff attendances, payrolls and leaves
  • Student – admission and exam processes handling
  • Library
  • Accounts, Stores and inventory management
  • Gymkhana, Security, etc.


Software License Management via dedicated license servers for major development related softwares that are part of the curriculum.


A thin computing client server that runs PCs, mainly for browsing purpose.


A digital signage solution  that is also used to keep students updated about the latest happening of the Institute.


Microsoft Partnership

Vidyalankar also has a Microsoft Partnership for;

Software requirements that are,

  • Client specific (Windows OS, Office suite, etc.),
  • Server specific (Windows server 2008 R2, Server 2012 Core) and
  • Online collaboration and productivity suite via Office365 which provides

Mail services via

Licenses to access Office 365 suite (Word, Excel, Power point) on cloud

  • Lync – for internal communication and collaboration


Open source alternatives – Apart from the above mentioned Microsoft solution, students are also provided with ample opportunities to work on open source solution as well. For this, machines are on Linux based operating systems (Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS) so that students are also exposed to development techniques on these Operating Systems platforms.

Extensive AD integration has been used to provide this situation as well. Specific shell scripts have been written that help in,

  • Authenticating users via AD
  • Mounting the profile of a user on the Linux machine
  • Enforce specific group policies thus maintaining sufficient security


Internal Student Portal – Vidyalankar Live (


Developed and Managed by Vidyalankar students.

The web server houses the student portal of the Institutes. is essentially a web based forum that bridges the communication gap between students, the Faculty, the non-teaching staff and departments and the Management of the Institute. Apart from being a center for discussion and though sharing; VidyalankarLive is also houses multiple custom modules that are focussed on routine tasks of the Institute.


Digital Learning – A pilot program of the Institute for Technology enhanced learning. Efforts are on for in house development of digital content suitable for iPad and other tablets.


Official websites – An off-premise Web Server – having 8 GB RAM and 4 Cores housing all the official websites and internal student portals of the Institutes which is managed remotely from the Campus.


IT Consultancy – The Institute offers consultancy to other educational Institutes in,

  • IT Infrastructure and management services
  • Website hosting and student community portals
  • Live streaming