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Governing Body

Vidyalankar Institute of Technology is established by the Vidyalankar Group of Educational Institutes, a prestigious education specialist that has an emphatic presence in academic circles with its centrally recognized colleges and training institutes with branches across Maharashtra.The Institute is managed by Vidyalankar Dnyanapeeth Trust which has constituted the Board of Governors as per the guidelines stipulated by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). In addition to managing and overseeing the functioning of the organization in providing a qualitative education, the Governing Board ensures that all statutory regulations are met.The Governing Body meets twice a year and discusses and decides on key issues such as monitoring the provisions for meeting the AICTE and University regulations, the efficient administration of the institute, admissions, budget estimates, staffing pattern, academic and non-academic activities etc.

Ms. Rashmi Deshpande

Chairperson, VDT

Ms. Rashmi Deshpande is the chairperson of VDT and she is devoted to the progress of Vidyalankar. With her philanthropic attitude and her keen interest in the personal development of every single person associated with Vidyalankar: she is naturally as much loved as she is respected. After her M.Sc. in Bio-Chemistry from the University of Mumbai, she went to the U.S.A. for higher education and completed her M.B.A. Because of her professional background in management studies, she is naturally and particularly inclined towards enriching the Vidyalankar School of Business.

Vishwas Deshpande

Mr. Vishwas Deshpande

Managing Trustee, VDT

The Managing Trustee Mr. Vishwas Deshpande, constantly looking out for innovative and productive ideas, never lets go of any opportunity to further enhance Vidyalankar. He is committed and perpetually working towards realizing the ultimate vision of the institute blossoming into a globally-recognized research centre which also disseminates quality education. As a student, he has been a merit holder all his academic life. He led the merit list of Electrical Engineering admissions of V.J.T.I. After his graduation, he went to the U.S.A to complete his M.S. in Microelectronics from the University of Maryland, College Park and came back armed with a fresh, youthful vision and a passion for education. He left behind the possibility of a lucrative career abroad and preferred in its stead to nurture Vidyalankar to reach greater heights globally.

Avinash Chatorikar

Mr. Avinash Chatorikar

Secretary, VDT

Mr. Avinash Chatorikar, equipped with an innate empathetic temperament, plays an active role in career counselling and helps youngsters to realize their true potential. He has also been a ranker all along; after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from U.D.C.T in 1987, he went on to pursue his M. Tech in Chemical Engineering from I.I.T., Mumbai. Passionate about studying further, he completed his M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University, U.S.A. After returning to India, he whole-heartedly dedicated himself to contributing towards Vidyalankar.

Dr. Vijay Gupchup

Dr. Vijay Gupchup

Nominee, VDT

Dr. Vijay Gupchup, BE (Civil, University of Mumbai), MS (MIT, USA), PhD (MIT, USA) has been the Principal of Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI), Mumbai. He has also held the posts of Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Mumbai and the Chairman of the ‘National Board of Accreditation’ set up by AICTE. Dr. Gupchup has been active in the field of Technical Education for more than thirty five years and has provided leadership and contributed much in this field in Maharashtra and at the National level. He has authored numerous technical papers and has also presented invited lectures at several Universities in the USA including MIT, Northwestern University, Drexel University, Kansas and Texas State Universities etc. He continues to be an active member on various academic bodies of the University of Mumbai, AICTE and UGC. He is also a Director on several company boards and consults on a wide range of academic and engineering areas.

Shri Suresh Hemmady

Nominee, VDT

Shri. Suresh S. Hemmady is the Chairman of Shamrao Vithal Co-operative Bank Limited. Shri Hemmady served as a Director (earlier served as the Managing Director) of Thana Electric Supply Company Ltd. until May 2013.

Dr. Sunil Patekar

Principal and Member Secretery

Dr. Sunil Patekar is the Principal of Vidyalankar Institute of Technology from December 2010 onwards. He completed his LEE, BE, ME and PhD in Electrical Engineering from VJTI, University of Mumbai. Dr. Patekar has a number of achievements and awards to his credit such as the Best Teacher Award by the Govt. of Maharashtra (2007), the Lord Reay Gold Medal, ISTE National Award for Best Paper Presentation etc. Dr. Patekar has co-authored 6 books on Computer Programming languages and has presented and published more than 50 technical research papers at international and national conferences and journals. Previously, he was the Chairman, Board of Studies in Computer Engineering at the University of Mumbai (2000-05). He was also the Coordinator of the World Bank Project, TEQIP at VJTI. Dr. Patekar was also associated with technical consultancy and testing work with organizations such as BEST, ONGC and CG.