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Dr. Patekar

Dr. Sunil A. Patekar


Dr. Sunil A. Patekar is the Principal of Vidyalankar Institute of Technology. He completed his LEE, BE, ME and PhD in Electrical Engineering from VJTI, University of Mumbai. Dr. Patekar is the recipient of the Best Teacher Award by the Govt. of Maharashtra (2007), the Lord Reay Gold Medal, Sir Pherozeshah Mehta Silver Medal and the Dossabhoy Framji Karaka Prize while pursuing his Diploma. He ranked fourth and first at the University of Bombay in his BE and ME examinations respectively. He also bagged the ISTE National Award for Best Paper Presentation, 1992 and the Best Paper Prize at the IEEE Indicon, 2014. He has co-authored 6 books published by Tata McGraw-Hill, Pearson Education on Computer Programming languages and has presented and published more than 50 technical research papers at international and national conferences and journals.

Dr. Patekar has set up a Research Centre at the Institute thereby enabling doctoral students to pursue PhD. He played an active role in establishing a digitally enabled learning environment at the Institute by setting up of a Remote Centre for Vidyalankar with IITB, Edusat and video streaming. Dr. Patekar has created thematic art images to engage students and promote osmotic learning. He encouraged students to obtain membership in and work in conjunction with professional bodies to enhance their world view. Previously, he was the Chairman, Board of Studies in Computer Engineering at the University of Mumbai (2000-05). He was also the Coordinator of the World Bank Project, TEQIP at VJTI. As a Professor and Head, Department of Computer Engineering at VJTI, Dr. Patekar turned around the performance of the Department with several AICTE grants. Passionate about technology and academics, he put in personal efforts for students’ professional development. Dr. Patekar was also associated with technical consultancy and testing work with organizations such as BEST, ONGC and CG. He is a Chartered Engineer of the Institute of Engineers, India.

From the Principal’s Desk

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Vidyalankar Institute of Technology’s portal. Vidyalankar has enjoyed more than 50 glorious years in the domain of technical education. In addition to the outstanding education imparted at the institute in the domains of technology and business, Vidyalankar lays great focus on enhancing student experience. It is this experience, our graduates overwhelmingly believe, that shapes them for the world and builds them as individuals.

A kaleidoscope of subjects is offered to the students which enables their ideas to thrive and take shape. These subjects are woven into a well-knit fabric of lectures, assignments and practical sessions. Special emphasis is also laid on connecting the student to the subject that he may learn to comprehend and apply rather than simply read and remember. The Institute lays great focus on providing a digitally enabled learning environment which ensures that learning takes place effectively.

The Irish poet W.B. Yeats is purported to have said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” Committed to providing quality education, the institute encourages and guides its learners to look beyond the prescribed curriculum, and set their own targets for personal excellence. Not covering, but uncovering the course is of utmost importance. We extend intellectual and logistic support to our students when they decide to walk that extra mile. Creativity and innovation are highly valued here and we give students ample opportunities to showcase their talents.

We nurture and polish young minds and guide them to face the challenges of the professional world by making them academically competent and industry-ready by focusing not just on strengthening their technical skills but also on honing their soft skills. At Vidyalankar, we promote excellence in all spheres as we consider the holistic development of every student as important as one’s academic achievements and motivate them to become socially responsible global citizens.

I invite you to a life long association with Vidyalankar and the start of an extremely fruitful academic career.

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