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Success Stories

Some of the talented alumni have generously shared their career stories, including their career paths since graduating from Vidyalankar Institute of Technology; resources and experiences that have influenced their employment choices; and details about their current positions. The purpose of these profiles is to offer career insights to you from alumni who share the Vidyalankar experience and can offer a viewpoint into the multitude of career options one can pursue after graduation.

Mr. Malcolm Carvalho

Year of graduation: 2003

Major: Information Technology

Growth and Success Story

  • Completed BE in the year 2003 from Vidyalankar Institute of Technology
  • Worked as Software programmer in Zeus Learning
  • Worked as Senior Software Engineer at Geometric Limited
  • Worked at Autodesk as Software Engineer
  • Currently working as Problem Solver and Software Engineer at NAPA.
  • Certified in Game Theory and Social Psychology.

Message I would like to give to the students

Information technology is a blooming field. New technologies and languages keep developing. An IT graduate should be aware of the latest technologies as well as be keen in using them. It is very important to be in touch with the latest trends in the market. I suggest to you to read reference books, so that you build up your basics h4. In IT, with technology one should adapt to unlearn and learn.

Mr. Rushikesh Kale

Year of graduation: 2004

Major: Information TechnologyZeus Learning

Growth and Success Story

  • Completed Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology in 2004 from Vidyalankar Institute of Technology
  • Joined International Rectifier as an application developer.
  • Pursued Master of Science from the University of New Orleans
  • While pursuing Masters, worked at
    • Mauj Telecom, as Software Engineer
    • University of New Orleans as Research Assistant
    • WebMD, as Technology Intern
    • Worked at Bizteon Inc. as Software Consultant
  • Currently working at Cypress Global Services Inc. as BPM Software Consultant.

Message I would like to give to the students

During my BE at Vidyalankar, I had a wonderful time of my life. We had excellent professors, infrastructure and facilities. I am proud to be a student of Vidyalankar Institute of Technology which groomed me in a way that helped me gain a place at a renowned company.

Mr. Amit Saple

Year of graduation: 2005

Major: Computer Engineering

Growth and Success Story

  • Completed MBA from Welingkar Institute of Management in IT/Systems in the year 2012
  • Completed Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering in 2004 from Vidyalankar Institute of Technology
  • Currently working with Rave Technologies as Senior Software Engineer

Message I would like to give to the students

It was a great experience to gain knowledge from some of the best professors in academic circles in the city. I would like to see VIT amongst the top 5 educational institutions in India. In today’s competitive world most of the students and even professors are becoming more exam-oriented. As a result when students complete their engineering and enter the industry they have high percentage but lack the knowledge that is required to grow in industry/field. In my opinion we should adhere to knowledge-oriented approach wherein students not only learn the theory but also understand the application and use of their knowledge in the actual life/industry. VIT surely did help me achieve my goals. As a student I have learnt a lot from my professors. And today when I come here for guest lectures it provides me an opportunity to share my knowledge with the new generation and learn new things from them.