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Tips and FAQs

The Placement Process aims to match the necessities of the Corporate World with the objectives of the students thereby expediting the achievement of synergy between the two. The placement cell is involved in this process right from the beginning of the year. Right from the preparation of the placement brochure to the pre placement sessions to the final recruitments, the efforts are always directed towards providing the best interface suited to the students and the company.

Following are the questions designed to ease out the questions that often students have in their minds.

What is Campus Placement?

Companies which would like to recruit freshers visit the institutes, conduct the process of recruitment and recruit the students when they are in final year of engineering. It will be a day-long process.

When do campus placements happen in the Institute?

Normally, the campus placement procedure takes place in the middle of the seventh semester. It starts in the month of September and goes on till the end of the academic year and sometimes even beyond that.

Can every student in the institute participate in campus placements?

Only those students who meet the eligibilty criteria given by the companies can participate.

What is to be done to participate in the campus placements?

Students interested in the campus placements should register themselves with the placement cell when the notice is put up on Vidyalankarlive for the same.

What are the eligibility criteria to participate in the campus placements?

Various companies have different eligibility criteria. However, there are companies which do not have any eligibility criteria. All the students studying in the final year will become eligible in that case. Some of the eligibility criteria to participate in the campus placements are given below:

  • SSC – 60%
  • HSC – 60%
  • Diploma – 60%
  • Engineering aggregate marks – 60%
  • Can/cannot have live KTs
  • Can/cannot have Dead KTs
  • Can/cannot have Gap during Engineering/Gap during education

Companies will have all the above or some as the eligibility criteria.

What are the stages of the recruitment process?

The following are the stages of recruitment:

  • Pre-placement Talk
  • Aptitude Test/Technical Test (Online/Pen and Paper)
  • Group Discussion.
  • Technical/HR Interview.
  • MR (Management Round) Interview.

What is aptitude test?

  • Consists of verbal reasoning, logical reasoning and mathematics.
  • Duration of the test varies, depending on the company.
  • Every company has minimum marks section-wise or overall.
  • Some companies have negative marking also.
  • Those who clear the aptitude test will go to the next round of the selection process.

What is group discussion?

  • Group discussion is conducted to evaluate the students on the basis of knowledge on current affairs, communication, leadership qualities and group behavior.
  • Those who clear the group discussion will go to the next round of the selection process.

What is personal interview (HR)?

  • HR interviews are conducted to evaluate soft skills and confidence.
  • It ensures that the company is not only hiring a person who is good technically but also someone who fits in to the company and its culture.
  • The attitude of the students is tested in this round of interview.
  • When a student is giving personal interview, how he/she enters and walks in to the room, how he/she sits, how and what he/she answers are all important.

What is technical interview?

  • Conducted to test the technical knowledge of the students.
  • Questions will be asked on the basics of engineering subjects studied.
  • In case a student has done any certification course, his knowledge in that area is also tested.

Will the results be declared on the same day of the campus placements?

Yes. It will be declared on the same day by many companies. But a few companies will mail the

results later.

What are the documents to be carried by the the students on the day of campus placements?

  • College identity card.
  • Updated resume in the given format (3 copies)
  • Original and photocopies of mark sheets and other certification if any.
  • 2 passport size photographs.
  • Students should be formally dressed and follow code of conduct.

Is formal dress compulsory? What are the things to be done on the day before the campus placements?

Yes. Every student should be attired in formal wear. Please go thorough the code of conduct.

Will there be any kind of pre-placement training organized by the Institute for the students going for campus placements?

Yes. Pre-placement training will start from the fourth semester onwards and it will continue till the campus placements begin.

Which are the companies that visit our campus?

Please go through the list of the companies mentioned under placements on website.

Can one student get more than one offer?

No. Once a student is selected by any company, he will be out of the campus placement activities. However, if a company, which pays a salary difference of about 2 lakhs and above per annum, vists VIT all the students already selected will also be allowed.


Prior to the Campus Placements

  • Prepare well for the campus placements and avoid being overconfident and complacent.
  • Give utmost importance to punctuality; reach the venue 30 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Be well-groomed and professionally dressed in formal wear during the entire process of the campus placements.
  • Display your identity card throughout the placement process.
  • Visit the websites of the recruiting companies to be well-aware of the recruiting companies. This will help you during HR interviews as there will be questions on this.
  • Remember that you are an ambassador for your Institute and you are expected to project a positive image of your Institute.


  • Three passport size color photographs.
  • Photocopies and original certificates of SSC, HSC/Diploma and Engineering. For any reason, if mark sheet of any semester has not been issued by the University, the provisional mark sheet should be obtained from the college authorities. If the originals of SSC, HSC and DIPLOMA are with the college authorities, photocopies of the same should be carried.
  • Three sets of your résumé. It should look impressive and be properly formatted and updated.

During the Pre-placement talk

  • Switch off your mobile phones.
  • Sign on the attendance sheet that will be circulated on the day of campus placements at our Institute and also at other institutes during pool campus.
  • Be serious and attentive during the pre-placement talk.
  • Maintain silence during the pre-placement talk and do not engage in side-talk with fellow candidates.
  • Make a note of important points mentioned. There will be questions during the HR interviews on what has been told during the pre-placement talk.
  • If the company speakers encourage you to ask questions at the end of the talk, communicate in a responsible and intelligent manner.
  • Clarify doubts (if any) only at the end of pre-placement talk and do not interrupt the speakers during the pre-placement talk.
  • Do not approach the company HR personnel directly. Always approach the college placement officer for any reason before and after the campus placements.

During the Aptitude and Technical tests

  • Switch off your mobile phones.
  • Be seated in the classrooms quietly till the team comes to conduct the aptitude test or technical test.
  • Strictly avoid malpractices (like copying, discussing) during the tests.
  • Do not get into any arguments for any reason with the supervisor/company representative present in the classroom.
  • Carefully listen to and comply with all instructions given by the person conducting the test.
  • Be present at the stipulated time of declaration of results of the aptitude test, group discussion and the final selection.

After conclusion of placement activities

  • Immediately after coming out of the interview room, write down the questions you were asked on the perforated sheet of the student diary and submit the same in the placement cell. This will help create a question bank for guiding your juniors.
  • Once selected by a company, you will be ineligible for appearing for further placement.