Komal Lawand-Shinde

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering

M.E. (Instrumentation Engineering),Mumbai University 2015
B.E. (Biomedical Engineering),Mumbai University 2010


Teaching Experience: 10 Years
Industrial Experience: 1 Year
Technical Papers Published: 4

Encouraged by my siblings, I decided to opt for Engineering. They always used to tell me that engineers are the one who make a difference and get an opportunity to improve the world. So do educators – through positive guidance, we can change the world by empowering the next generation. I always wanted to pursue teaching as my profession idolizing my school teacher. His dedication and ways of motivating students inspired me. I transformed from an above average student into a rank holder under his guidance. I wish to guide and counsel my students with the same dedication and zeal.

I have been with Vidyalankar Institute of Technology for the past nine years. Prior to this I was working with Transasia Biomedicals which specialized in hematology and biochemistry instruments. The subjects that interest me the most are Digital Electronics, Human Anatomy & Physiology, and Medical Imaging. I also have keen interest in Machine Learning and Data Science as these are the technologies of the future. I have worked on non-invasive blood glucometer using near infrared LED project and published technical papers in Discovery and IEEE journals. At VIT, our team focuses on the overall growth of students. I enjoy working with them on projects based on healthcare and biomedical instrumentation. I also guide students on mini projects based on digital electronics and various biomedical sensors. This activity motivates students to engage in meaningful projects in their Final Year.

I believe to have a successful career one should participate and try out everything. My focus is not only on providing help and resources to our students so that they excel in exams, but to also encourage them to put energy in extracurricular activities such as sports, intercollege competitions, and industry projects. I also arrange various seminars and workshops on electrosurgical instruments, 3D Printing, CPR by industry experts which help students envision their future within the industry and their areas of interest. As a part of the Career Counselling Committee, I take interest in arranging sessions on higher studies and preparation for competitive exams. As a teacher, it feels great to see my students climb the ladder of success and get recognized for their efforts after they graduate from VIT and step out in the corporate world.

On the personal front I’m an avid dancer and derive positivity through dance. I participate in flash mobs and cultural events in college. I also love cooking and experimenting with various cuisines to try out with my family. I have a two year old son whom I absolutely adore.