Priyanka Shrivastava

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering

M.E. (Electronics and Telecomm), Mumbai University 2015
B.E. (Biomedical Engineering), Mumbai University 2010


Teaching Experience: 11 Years
Technical Papers Published: 4

“Parents are our first teachers and teachers are our second parents”. The saying starts with parents and ends with parents without whom we are nothing, but there is another important term mentioned in the quote - teachers - and I consider myself fortunate to be one of them. My father was my first mentor, who inculcated in me the importance of learning and teaching. Every day after his office hours, he used to teach underprivileged kids free of cost. This was his way of giving back to society. And to help him out, I used to teach the students of vernacular medium after completing my studies. The other mentors who helped me to shape my personality are my teachers. I have always admired them as superheroes who knew everything and always wished to be one of them. The way teachers can mold a young mind is like learning magic which I too wanted to learn. The way my teachers have ignited my mind to attain knowledge is something I always strive to pass on to my students.

I have completed my M.E. from Vidyalankar Institute of Technology and so I know how it feels to be on the other side of table as well. The Institute has amazing teachers and strong academic systems and the standards followed here for teaching are one of finest ways to learn.

I have been teaching in the Biomedical Department and it has been simply amazing to experience how technology bridges the gap between flesh and bits, how human heartbeats can be represented as an ECG graph and many more fascinating things. Students learn to know about the human body and the application of electronic devices to help in the diagnosis, treatment and healing of patients. It is rightly said “Behind every successful doctor, there is a biomedical engineer”. I have been teaching engineering students over a decade and it has been a lovely experience having so much to learn, and to interact with young minds. Over years I have taught various subjects and I have expertise in subjects like Electronics Network Analysis and Synthesis, Digital Signal Processing, Rehabilitation Engineering, Digital Image Processing to name a few. For every engineering student the most important part of learning and earning the degree is doing the project work. I had guided various engineering projects like Voice Controlled Wheelchair for the Disabled, evaluation of skin disease using image processing, IOT based smart helmet, Tele stethoscope for lung sounds, Digitization of ECG paper records using Matlab, drowsiness detection of` subject using webcam.

Though I had always excelled in academics, I was an all-rounder who actively participated in extra-curricular activities. I vividly remember during my Engineering days I was elected as member of the Student Council and I won the “Best Student of the Year” award for my overall performance in all the activities. I love dancing, participating in fashion shows and in my free time I love experimenting with food. Apart from teaching, I am part of the NSS team as one of the faculty coordinators and we work for developing villages by arranging annual camps for students. This helps in imbibing social awareness and shaping our student’s minds to help society.