Rajashree Soman

Assistant Professor
Electronics and Computer Science

ME (Bio-Medical Instrumentation, University of Pune 2013
BE (Instrumentation and Control), University of Pune 2009


Teaching Experience: 08 Years
Technical Paper Published: 01

Born and brought up in a peri-urban locality near the banks of a river gazing at the flowing water, my curiosity got really aroused when somebody mentioned that this flowing water in fact is one of the oldest sources of power on this planet. I probed into whatever minimal literature I could get hold of in those days about this phenomenon and was really amazed on seeing the role of engineering behind this whole process. Subsequently, I did a project hydroelectric power with the help of knowledge I had amassed and the same was well appreciated both by teachers and friends.

On completion of my schooling, I selected the Engineering discipline of Instrumentation and Control for my graduation and subsequently, selected Bio-Medical Instrumentation as my specialization while doing my post-graduation. The best thing I liked about the domain of my specialization was that I will always be involved in the challenging application of knowledge and technologies to solve problems related to living biological systems. This is one of those rare fields where interaction between Engineering and Medicine will be required not only for diagnosis, but also in treatment and prevention of disease in human. On one occasion, my technical paper titled, ”MRI segmentation of brain tissue using improved fuzzy C-means clustering” was adjudged the best paper at International Conference on Electronics and Communication Engineering (ICECE 2012).

On completion of my Post graduation, I joined Vidyalankar Institute of Technology as an Assistant professor in 2015. Some of the subject I enjoy teaching here are Digital Electronics, Analytical Instrumentation, Control system, Optical Fiber Communication, Principles of Communication, MEMS Technology and Design with linear integrated circuits. I have also guided some of my students in some challenging projects involving Cleaning Robot, Robotic Arm, Interactive mirror, Smart Luggage, Assistive Spy Rover, Transforming Table. The facilities and the innovative mindset of VIT has always been inspiring to both the students and faculty members to develop innovative things that can be applied to the larger benefits of the society. This has immensely contributed in conducting the classroom sessions from the application perspective as this Engineering discipline is one which also involves measurement of biological signals or electrical signals generated in the human body.

Amongst my hobbies, I really like reading science fiction novels since my childhood days as this is possibly the only genre of fiction that involves speculations based on current or future science or technology, much to my liking.