Shrikant Velankar

Electronics and Computer Science
Chief Technology Officer, VCS
Member, IEEE
Fellow Member, IETE
Fellow Member, IE, Registered Chartered Engineer

M.E. (Electronics), VJTI, Mumbai University 2005
B.E. (Electronics), Mumbai University 1987


Teaching Experience: 19 Years
Research/Industrial Experience: 16 Years
Administrative and Managerial Experience: 10 Years
Technical Papers Published: 17
Books Co-authored: 11
Patent Co-innovator: 01
Industry Projects Executed: 14

Traversing through time when I recollect the days of my childhood, ,I had borne in mind my wishes to become an engineer when I grow up in life. For me, engineering is a way of life, more than just a profession. It is based on simple notions that the engineer must find solutions to real life problems. For that he/she must be ready to make hands dirty, must execute tasks, learn by self-experience, adapt to the requirements.

Truly speaking, the story of my life is nothing but engineering. My life has always revolved around my work with technology. I completed my engineering education with excellent track record, with 4th Rank in Mumbai University at Bachelor’s degree and 1st Rank in Mumbai University at Master’s degree. Good academics is something that stands by you for entire life and rescues you in the times of difficulty.

Since my days of my childhood, I was fascinated by Railways, in specific and Transportation systems, in general. Luckily, after completing education, I joined industry and worked with CMC Ltd. on Indian Railway Passenger Reservation System (PRS) projects, in line with my liking. Following those with many more Railway projects, a few with DRDO, Indian Navy, IPCL, CIDCO & Tata group; both while working in CMC and afterwards, in the individual capacity when I was having my own company. Even today, I like to work and keep on continuously working on these Transportation system projects with Konkan Railway, Central Railway and MSRTC. Currently, I am open to collaborate with people in real world industry projects.

In addition to that, I am passionate about teaching and more so learning. After working for around 16 years in the Industry, I changed the course of my life to academics due to my innate curiosity about the intangible things about teaching and learning in life. I feel learning is an eternal, perpetual process, where one realizes the effectiveness of life and work if there is willingness to learn and adapt to changes at every step of life Rightly, someone said that the only thing that is constant in the universe, is Change. To absorb this change, one must Learn! Learn, learn to earn, learn to return to the humanity and learn to learn!!

My tryst with Vidyalankar Institute of Technology has given me encouragement and right conducive ambience for my quest and work. My technical domains revolve around the areas of Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Embedded Systems, IoT & IoE, Robotics & Automation, Computer & Information Security. Recently, I am being attracted by Python as a programming language and Data Science and Analytics, Machine Learning as the emerging domains. I would glad to associate and collaborate with students and faculty for any industrial or academic work in these fields of technology.

Further, as a final word, I feel computer programming is a must for today’s technocrats. It provides the methods to implement and execute real world solutions. Programming being my ultimate penchant, I would really love to work on applications and technology solutions involving programming implementations in future.