Suvarna Udgire

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering

M.E. (Electronics), VJTI, Mumbai 1998
B.E. Electronics, Mumbai 1995


Teaching Experience: 12 Years
Research/Industrial Experience: 5 Years
Administrative and Managerial Experience: 8 Years
Technical Papers Published: 6

I have lots of good memories of my childhood, when I was nurtured with discipline and love. My parents taught me to value the importance of education. I was recognized as a good student in my school days. My grades are a testimony to that. It was a setback for me was when I was not shortlisted for medical school after my XIIth standard examinations. This was difficult for a young mind to accept at that time, especially since my teachers and parents had high expectations from me. I entered the Engineering field - this area was chosen possibly because my father and elder brother were engineers. During my undergraduation days, that there was no looking back, as Engineering was a newfound passion, something which I could follow for the rest of my life. During my postgraduation in Electronics Engineering from VJTI , I chose Biomedical Instrumentation as an elective and then did research in the School of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Mumbai. I presented my work through a well-appreciated scientific paper in a conference at Sydney, Australia. The experience of being with the brightest minds in the field has been rewarding and exciting.

Subsequently I joined the State Electricity Board where I developed administrative and leadership skills. Even though it was a secure government job, I felt my interest dwindle in the routine nature of the work. Exploring my inclination towards academics, it was at this time, that I joined Vidyalankar Institute of Techonlogy. Since then, I found my happy place, learning with young minds and dealing with newer challenges in the dynamic field of biomedical engineering education.

I feel fortunate to be associated with the Biomedical Engineering branch and I strongly believe that the power of digital technologies in this domain will benefit humanity in a big way. There is a lot to explore and understand about the amazing capabilities of the human body. The latest developments in personalized medicine and AI tools used for diagnosis and treatment will pave new dimensions. The merging of cybersecurity and health systems by the use of cloud computing technology has unearthed more opportunities in this field. Research on biochips and the use of 3D printing of human organs is mind-boggling. As the Convener of Industry Institute Interaction, I organised many events in the Institute by inviting eminent personalities from companies such as Capgemini, Reliance, TCS, CDAC etc. I also initiated an MoU with Jupiter Hospital wherein our students can get benefitted through internship and project guidance.

My hobbies are listening to music, studying ontology and spirituality. I like to actively involve myself in learning new technologies that have a positive impact on society. I strongly believe that all students have the capability to achieve their dreams if they are aware about their true potential. Success is a relative concept and it could be measured in many ways. A simple measure, in my view, is one’s ability to seek enjoyment and fulfilment in daily life.