Uma Jaishankar

Assistant Professor
Electronics and Computer Science

ME (Biomedical Engg), Mumbai University 2011 BE (Electronics & Power), Amravati University 1996


Teaching Experience: 25 Years

Being born and brought up in the ‘Orange City’, Nagpur, my childhood days goes back to an era when we could not bask completely in the glory of the Cricket world cup victory in 1983 visually but just heard it on the radio.. I have been witness to the complete revolution in the electrical and electronic era of huge televisions to miniature models of information on our mobile devices and was always fascinated by the new electrical appliances. A sound academic background is the best inheritance that any child can receive and I was lucky to be bestowed with such gifts from my parents. Also I was also privileged to be part of a great school and college in Nagpur.

Engineering being the most coveted profession during my graduation years, I was fortunate to be admitted in Electronics and Power Engineering branch at the Government College of Engineering, Amravati. Life at the hostel helped me groom myself from an introvert personality to a confident individual. It taught me that Engineering is more about life skills than clearing subjects in examinations It is always important to give our best in whatever we do, not for our parents or peers, but for our own self esteem. Having completed my Masters in Engineering in Biomedical Engineering after the birth of two children makes me believe that you are never late to start off again

I had the opportunity to work in Nagpur as a lecturer immediately after graduation and indeed it was a proud moment to become independent professionally at the age of 21. It was a learning experience for me to discover the importance of sound technical knowledge, inculcate professionalism at work, practice smart dressing and learn about people management.

Moving to Mumbai and joining Vidyalankar in 2000, just when the college had started was a beautiful gift that I will cherish for a lifetime. In the last twenty years, the college has grown into a leading premier Institute. I had the opportunity to teach a plethora of subjects like Basic Electrical Engineering, Control Systems Electrical Machines, Electronic Instrumentation and multidisciplinary subjects like Medical Imaging, Nuclear Medicine and Biomedical Instrumentation. My project area primarily includes Renewable energy Sensor technology Healthcare Instrumentation and Wearable devices. The recent project developed by my students under my guidance was for BRIT (Board of Radiation and Isotope Technology) where the students developed a vacuum detector for testing vacuum in medical vials, a product currently used by them.

In so many years of my interaction with students my personality has also evolved in terms of enriching my experiences as a teacher, administrative exposure as the Head of the Department and the fond memories with every graduating batch. This Institution is always a home away from home for me. In all these years of teaching, I have come to a conclusion that it is not only the teaching of the subject matter that’s important, but also the warmth and mentorship of the teacher towards the student that creates a bigger impact towards the growth and success of the student.