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Lilā is a Sanskrit term that has a range of translations and uses. Primarily, its meanings tend to derive from its rough translation as the noun, “play”; although, the word has more richness and depth than this simple translation.

Lilā emphasizes the fact that the world is born in freedom and playful creativity, rather than necessity. In this way, the whole world can be seen as a stage for Lilā, or divine play. One derivation of this Sanskrit word Lilā is अ(अतिशय)lila…..Alilā.

Alilā means, “Surprisingly charming” and so is the foundation of every experience that we create with emotions attached to each of them. Creativity is one such experience.  Positive and motivational emotions are conducive to creativity.

Creativity generates or recognizes ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others in a playful way. As Einstein says, Creativity is intelligence having fun.

To boost this intelligent creative spark in young minds, Vidyalankar, under the banner Alilā, introduces creative spaces/blocks



15th January 2019

Instrument Play & Singing

22nd January 2019

Classical Dance 

31st January 2019


6th February 2019

Singing & Violin Play

26th February 2019

Classical Dance 

6th March 2019

Colour Pencil Sketching

14th March 2019

Holi : Krishna Leela

20th March 2019

Guitar Play & Singing

26th March 2019

Paper Art Work & Calligraphy

3rd April 2019

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