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Address : Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Vidyalankar Marg, Wadala(East), Mumbai 400037
Tel: (022) – 24161126
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Ms. Swapna Jaywant (BIOM)

The Association strives to advance the theory, practice, and application of biomedical and electronics processing science and technology and maintains a high professional standard among its members. It promotes cooperation and exchange of technical information among its members, and to this end, holds various seminars and workshops, and, through its organization and other appropriate means.


  • Plan and carryout technical activities relevant to the department concerned.
  • Involve maximum number of students in these activities.
  • Discourage duplication of activities within the department & across the departments.
  • Encourage students to participate / attend technical activities.
  • Look for beyond syllabus technical skills through these activities.
  • Create a platform to develop managerial skill and soft skills in students.


  • Coordinate with professional body of the department in organizing programs in demand.
  • Technical paper writing seminar.
  • Technical exhibition.
  • Arranging guest speaker to create awareness about current trends.
  • Paper presentation.
  • Arrange competitions.
  • Interdisciplinary activities (Co-curricular) to strengthen understanding of engineering aspects.
  • Plan and carryout Socio-technical projects.


  • Gadget Guru
  • Biovision